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Happy Halloween

From our family to yours…hope it was a fun one!

Halloween 2013 in Las Vegas.

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Vegas’ Post-Recession Economy for TIME

This week’s issue of TIME, August 19, 2013 | Vol. 182 No. 8 (with the honeybee on the cover,) includes a feature story I shot for TIME recently on the changing face of visitor spending and the post-recession economy here in Las Vegas.

This is how the print edition came out. I love that they used one of my favorite images from the assignment for the table of contents page.  Pretty sure that image will show up in my Born on the Fourth of July essay when I get back around to updating that project.

4TIME_20130819_2_851063_TOC_ARTICLE copy 2





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Team Challenge for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

Currently, my husband, Kirk, and I are training for the San Diego TriRock olympic-distance triathlon with Team Challenge Las Vegas. Our fundraising goal for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America is $8,000.

This is Jay. Jay is 10-years-old and our team’s Honored Hero.  After years of specialists not knowing how to treat his Crohn’s Disease, Jay is in remission following three surgeries in three months last year. We know of at least two of our team mates that currently have Crohn’s. Hearing their struggles and stories is difficult, and heartbreaking. One a teenage girl, and another a mother of two school age girls. The cause of their pain and suffering remains largely a mystery to researchers and specialists. We joined this effort to help a cause we didn’t know much about. It’s becoming personal as we realize these invisible illnesses are all around us .

Jay joined us for a team pot luck after our training run today, and had thank you notes for everyone. I have thank you notes for everyone too! Please join us and contribute any amount you can HERE to help find a cure for this devastating disease. EVERY DOLLAR helps and it’s all tax deductible!  This is the world I want to live in. One where we all help each other however we can.

Jay, age 10, currently in remission from Crohn's Disease.

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Nik Wallenda in Sports Illustrated

The last few weeks I’ve been blessed with some incredible assignments for fabulous clients. Two weeks ago I was the exclusive still photographer for the Discovery Channel on the ground at Nik Wallenda’s cable crossing of the Grand Canyon. I’ll have more up from the assignment soon, in the meantime, check out this week’s July 1 issue of Sports Illustrated. They did a beautiful job with a two-page, double-truck spread featuring an image of the single moment Nik paused and knelt in the middle of the walk, 1500 feet up.


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Conde Nast Traveler nightclub feature

A feature for the May 2013 issue of Conde Nast Traveler at Marquee Nightclub in the Cosmopolitan. The story is here.



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Growing up fast

Zoe and Zand have been buddies since laying on their backs staring at fans when they were just a few weeks old. Now 15-month-old toddlers, the big world exploring has begun.

Please check back soon for recent work for Conde Naste Traveler and the Wall Street Journal, as well as more personal work.

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Pawn Stars for Maxim

I hung out with the guys from Pawn Stars documenting a day and a night a few months ago for a feature story in the February 2013 issue of Maxim. I have to say, this is the first story I have ever worked on where the reporter ends up getting his first tattoo on the inside of his lip at the end of the night. The issue is out now and I just got a look at how the piece came together:

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Happy New Year!

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Santa in the First Person

The last five years I have always looked forward to covering the Great Santa Run the first weekend in December. Last year I was a bit too pregnant to sprint or bike around the event course to make photos of the awesome spectacle of upwards of 10k running and walking Santas, all to raise money for Opportunity Village.

This year, my life and work has changed dramatically with my son Zand’s arrival in February. I have had to make more choices about how I use my time. When not working I’ve wanted to spend it sharing my boy’s first year with him. So yesterday I participated in the Santa Run with a great crew of women, other mamas, and their babes who I work-out with through Stroller Strides – also in the spirit of silly fun! It was a blast and reminded me how much I love Las Vegas for the fun and ridiculous that it brings out, which has been the life blood of my work since moving here in 2006.

This is all to say that yesterday’s blend of shooting and personal experience with Zand seemed like a good opportunity to return to the blog and attempt to begin to catch-up on personal and client work sharing. Happy holidays to all and more soon!  (that’s Zand, center right, my lil’ Santa in his babiators)

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Welcome to Zand

I made the comment in my last post that I was going to catch up on personal updates soon, if my baby boy didn’t arrive early. I guess I jinx’d myself! My water broke that very Sunday night and I delivered my first child, Zand Asher Anderson, at home, in water, on Friday afternoon, February 17, 2012. Don’t worry, I wasn’t in labor that whole time!

Zand is now two months old and life has been a bit busy since then. My husband, Kirk, and I savored a week and half with our  new boy before Zand suddenly stopped eating and became lethargic over a 24 hour period when he was 10 days old. We landed in the emergency room late at night and Zand under-went a battery of tests. He had an infection that required 10 days of IV antibiotics. Zand, Kirk and I spent the next 12 days in the hospital together around the clock. It was a horrific way to spend the second and third weeks of Zand’s life, and mine as a new mama, but we survived together and Zand is now  healthy, gaining weight like a champ and amazing me morning, noon and *all*-night.

My perspective on much shifts with each new day I spend with Zand. I am consciously savoring every minute of him as this tiny precious new born. I feel blessed to get to experience all of it. There is nothing I have ever known that compares to how wonderful it feels to snuggle my boy close, smell his irresistible newborn scent and to experience his contentment when I reach for him.

As in awe of my new boy as I am, my adoration and commitment to my work remains.  I will slowly resume taking assignments here and there, and more so in the coming months. I can’t hardly wait to work with some new clients that have gotten in touch of late. For now though, here are a few from my latest and most greatest personal project I’ve ever known.

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